Are you thinking about homeschooling? Great! Veteran to homeschooling? Awesome! 

We are all on the crazy train called homeschooling. It’s a grand adventure filled with ups, downs, hopes, dreams, regrets, and wondering if we are doing enough. Which isn’t necessarily specific to homeschooling, but ‘momming’ in general. 
I hope you find this page a place of encouragement and rest. Having fun would also be an added bonus!
Curriculum I currently use:
These links will take you directly to the online websites. However, for an overview of how I use them and review go to the next section. 
Our every day lives:
Links to current posts regarding our curriculum choices and how it works in our home. 
Why Brave Writer speaks to my homeschooling heart.
Ambleside Online, overwhelming and simple at the same time.
Audiobooks can be your best friend!!!
For mama and kids alike!

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