wiww take 3

so. i don’t have a ton of pics to link up with lindsey’s wiww challenge, but hey at lease i took some pics right?

jeans- target
navy blue tank- loft
teal cardigan- target

thought i’d show you a close up of my fav necklace that i wear most days. they’re the initials of my boys. i bought them almost three years ago at a boutique, so i don’t know who they’re made by, but i love them.

jeans- always skinny by gap
white tank- gap
blue stripped/ruffled shirt- oldnavy

close up of my new boots! i got them from a great online store! love the ruffle detail!

jeans- long & lean by gap
flower top- oldnavy
gotta love california weather. last week i was wearing scarves and sweaters, this week i was wearing tanks and shorts (now you know why i didn’t take pics. didn’t want to blind anyone with my legs!)
thanks for visiting. i’ve been doing a lot of organizing so stay tuned for a massive organization post!

1 thought on “wiww take 3

  1. Ohmygosh! Best boots ever!! Where did you find them?


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