wiww take 4

so. i haven’t been feeling too hot this week. my son’s had a cold, and since i wipe his nose with my hand i’m such a good mommy, i got it.
that being said i still tried to make an effort a few days this week to get dressed all cute and stuff, and therefore hopefully feel better and change my attitude. i’m linking up to lindsey cheney’s what-i-wore-wednesday for the 4th week. enjoy.

wednesday: (and probaby friday, sunday, and monday too. i’m ashamed.)
comfy pants-target
undershirt- gap
t-shirt- fox

red sweater- costco
necklace- macys

jeans- gap long & lean
black tank- gap
ruffled top- old navy
headband- me

jeans- gap always skinny
grey ruffle top- old navy
cardigan- target
boots- 6pm.com
hope you all have a great week!

2 thoughts on “wiww take 4

  1. I don't know if it is okay for dads to comment here, but I sure love that red sweater (Thursday) on you. Since your whole fam was all sick, you got a bye week (as they say in football) and shouldn't feel bad about staying in jammies.


  2. I ment to tell you on Tuesday that you looked super cute but I forgot so; “you looked super cute!” You dad's right you get a pass this week =)


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