a case of the mondays

a little list for my monday. to remind me that monday’s don’t have to be “somebody’s got a case of the mondays.” but that, you just have to find the thankful in them.
2. the boy who brings home bagels for me.
3. the smile on the littlest boys face when he sees the biggest boy in our house for the first time in three days.
4.naps. family nap time has happened a lot in our house lately.
5. sprite, really big sandwiches full of yummy veggies & oil/vinegar/s/p, & rich broccoli cheddar soup!
6.a good pair of comfy stretch pants.
7. not needing to cook tonight.
8.listening to the littlest boy count, even if it is only, “two, nine, two, nine, two, nine….”
9.crisp cool days. very soon it will be hot and i will then be cranky.
10. the honesty of other mamas. kelle’s post today was awesome. here’s just a small snippet of her wordy goodness:
But you can’t cushion your kids. You can’t send them into the world bubble-wrapped and helmeted even though you want to. You can’t carpet their universe, hoping their falls will always land softly. You love and let go and thank the modern world of advancements in safety for airbags and outlet covers, baby gates and bike helmets. And when our kids fall—and they will—you scoop them and hold them and tell them it’s okay.”
totally how i feel with having a very busy boy who falls all.the.time.
thanks for stoping by. have a great monday!

1 thought on “a case of the mondays

  1. I went to Kelle's blog and read it. What a great reminder. I know I worry too much. It comes from all those rescues I have gone on. I guess when we have done our best to create a safe environment all we can do is pray and trust. I still think I will buy him a helmet!


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