WIWW (finally)

hi wiww friends. it’s been a while, but i got ONE whole outfit on camera for you. hey, that’s a lot better than nothing for the past few months weeks.
i’m linking up with the pleated poppy to show off my cute new preggers outfit.

jeans: gap
belly band, tank, navy stiped t: motherhood maternity
jacket: macy’s
necklace: target
shoes: clarks
i posted the following photos, not so much to show off my outfit, but please notice the mischief happening right under my nose.

yes. he is using one of my make-up brushes to clean the outside of the toilet.
pure mischief. and cuteness. but mostly mischief.
and my little growing bump:

don’t know who’s in there yet, but they are a wiggly one. i love it. i missed that feeling. we’ll hopefully find out in two weeks whether we’re going blue or pink. can’t wait.


2 thoughts on “WIWW (finally)

  1. Love the bump!! And I still think you're going pink 😉 Can't wait to find out for sure!


  2. So cute! You look great!!! And he's definitely a busy boy in those pictures, hilarious!


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