whatcha lookin at?

so, we found out on wednesday there is a little girl in my belly.
i’ll admit i was shocked. was not planning on a girl. at all.
totally thought she was a boy.
either way we love her. as my sister says “around the toilet and back.” inside joke. long story.
her name is Cora Elizabeth. love it. after two of my favorite heroines in two of the best novels.
here are a few things i’ve been browsing thru and bookmarking on my computer.
and may or may not (mostly may) have been drooling over.
love all the little details in this room:

i really like this room in general. so many cute components:

liking the pink and grey right now:

love that this just screams vintage little girl. and i just die over that rug:

source: ohdeedoh.com
i have every intention of making this for her room.

love the fabric in the frames:

all around adorable:

kinda wanna make those pom poms:

love the board & batten on this on:

i pretty much love all of them. we’ll see how much daddy wants to do. tee hee. as if he has a choice.

have a great weekend. the hubster and i are headed off to jamaica monday! i’ll be sure to bring you back some great pics. and i’m sure a good story or two.

3 thoughts on “whatcha lookin at?

  1. Cora 🙂 love it!


  2. So cute!!! That's a lovely name too…what novel is Cora from?


  3. “Last of The Mohicans” Mary.


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