so. i got a great clock from my mom for christmas.
isn’t it purrty…but it’s big. 23.75″ x 23.75″
i’ve been trying to figure where to put it and how to showcase it. 
so where do you head when you need inspiration for something…..hmmm…..?
only the best source for inspiration and ideas. 
{or at least in my opinion, it is.} {and you know it’s your fav too.}
so here is a small sampling of wall ideas i like all from pinterest:


you all know how i feel about mantels.
swoon. i should so just do this.
love this, but i don’t have any stairs.
this is just simply stunning.
i die.
kinda really love this one.
love the colors.
cottage living always has some great ideas.
only problem…i don’t have big wall space in my kitchen.
i’m gonna have to just explain to the hubby that he actually wants to devote a day to helping me find a place for this beauty. i’m sure he’ll be super jazzed about holding a giant clock up to the wall 20 or 30 times so i can decide if i like it there or back at the other place we just looked at 10 times. love him.
will let you know where it ends up…

1 thought on “clocks

  1. I'm positive that your hubby will be honored to spend a whole day for clock placement lol….I know mine would be! Ps such a pretty clock!!!


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