lovely lovely friday

linking up my photos of my week.
join jeanett as we share the everyday wonderful, chaos, and lovies of our weeks.
life rearranged
could this dish washer get any cuter? 
we were so happy to spend saturday evening celebrating the much anticipated wedding of these beautiful people!!
so fun to have a night off from the kiddos and do grown up stuff. 
even if i didn’t get to participate in the grown up drinks.
making up for not participating in the bar festivities was the best idea i’ve ever seen at a wedding…
sees candy on every table!!!!
 there were three preggos at our table and this is all that was left. 
you have no idea how badly i wanted to go pillage all the bordeaux yummies from the other tables.
my mama’s roses are stunning year after year.
she has people stop and take photos of them because they wrap around the entire side of the house.
i might be the first woman sent to jail for eating her child, because i’m not sure i can contain myself.
this cuteness is outta control.
and the bow? stop it. just stop it.
and….this is Hazel. 
SHE will be much loved and mister mischief is very happy he will get two sisters, 
cause that’s all he’s been asking for.
 no joke. he wants sisters. 🙂 love that boy’s heart.
have a beautiful weekend people!

1 thought on “lovely lovely friday

  1. I LOVE your blog Amy. And I can't believe there was any See's left ( I would've finished that box off, pregnant or not). Cute pics of the kids as always!love,Aimee


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