Instafriday {baby edition}

this girl melts my heart more than i thought possible.
i mean i have two kids already. i know what it feels like to have that “mama” love for your babies.
but this girl is different. which shouldn’t surprise me since everything about her has been a surprise.

i don’t know how i fell so hard but, what i do know is that this sweet girl is all mine.
and i am hers. and i am in love.
so here’s my {very baby heavy} instagram feed photos for the past few weeks.

did you melt? i knew you would too. that little smile gets me every time. {swoon.} 

2 thoughts on “Instafriday {baby edition}

  1. your daughter is so stinkin' cute! stopping by from insta-friday blog hop!


  2. Thanks. I think so too!


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