christmas card conundrum

i worked for days on our christmas cards this year.
when i say cards{s} i mean that i made four different versions before we got the final product.

i wanted to use a fun website designed for photo editing and collages.
picmonkey is so much fun. and i love the name.

we had photos of the girls taken by the amazing nicole hahn and those needed to be used, and just any old card wouldn’t have worked for me this year. or at least that’s what i wanted to do.

here are my masterpieces…

loved the chevron.
loved the way the kids were all in a row on the bottom.

going with the trendy chalkboard look.

this last one was the chosen one. 
i loved it.
but alas, the conundrum, printing this lovely seasonal greeting would have cost us my first born son.
{which i didn’t find out till after my weeks of work.}
and, being that i was going to get my cards free from shutterfly, i should probably just choose one of those. {tear.}
since you can’t argue with free, this one it is.
wishing you all a very wonderful christmas.
surround yourself with those you love.
enjoy being glutinous and eat as much as possible. {can’t wait to devour some Swedish meatballs this year!!}
sit and take in the chaos of wrapping paper and empty toy boxes, and don’t clean it up. 
and remember that Christ was the best, first and only gift we truly will ever need.

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