Our {Instagram} New Years

Our New Years took us up to paso Robles to visit my mom’s side of the family.

We were also able to visit dear friends who live in Arroyo Grande. Delilsh pizza, football, and sweet squishy babies made the night we got there wonderful.

New Year’s Eve was started with breakfast at Chiccos (totally recommend if you are in paso.). Then playing at the park. A continual grazing and taking walks. Dinner at my aunts and then back to the hotel.

Cora with her nana Gwen.

Did I mention that we did a hotel room? With all three kids. The little dude was so excited he didn’t fall asleep till 11. The girls on the other hand did great. Nothing like ringing in the new year with hotel glasses full of wine and sleeping babies all around.

We enjoyed lots of solitaire. My family is big into just hanging out and doing nothing together. Auntie Beth was super nice to let laine try to play her solitaire game. Especially since she didn’t win a single game the whole time. It’s okay Beth. It’s more about the fun you’re having than the winning right? Tee-hee.

It was a wonderful weekend minus the kid who was too excited to sleep.

Thankfully we have an amazing marble set to keep him busy now that we are home.

Have a wonderful weekend folks.

Oh, and have I mentioned that I just love this little girl like crazy…

life rearranged

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