i completely forgot {printable}

We did a little family trip this past few days up to Yosemite. My husbands family has a few cabins/houses in Oakhurst so we decided to get out of town and take four days away.
In our mind it always works out so much better with three children under the age of four in a car for four plus hours.
At one point I was fairly certain that Cora may have been possessed. Hazel did fairly well, and Laine was a trooper. 
We were hoping for snow, but didn’t end up going down into Yosemite. There’s always next time though. 
All that being said, I totally forgot to set up a post for your valentine printable on Friday. 
Sorry guys!
Here it is. This weeks is for you Downton Abbey lovers. (I am hooked. I got the disks, somewhat begrudgingly, from my folks and ended up finishing season one and two in less than a week.)
And while we are on the subject, can we please talk about last weeks episode! WHAT HAPPENED?!?! I just about died. I sat on the couch in stunned silence for at least 10 mins after the show ended. I felt like one of my own family members died. {tear.}
Well, this one is a Mary quote and I hope you enjoy it!! I want to put it up in my room.
to download click here

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