Instafriday {and a printable}

hello fellow instagrammers…
i’m linking up with jeanette again.

this last weekend we went up to oakhurst by bass lake and yosemite.
borrowed a jumpsuit snow suit and kinda want her to wear it every day.

loosing it on the drive up. she was sooooooooo over being in the car.

first morning there requires cinnamon rolls.

on the drive back.

i love him. he is weird. and i wouldn’t have him any other way.
{so, i find him like this all the time. blankets and sheets over his head at night. can’t be good for him. and kinda weird when i literally can’t find him in his bed.}

after coming home we had some amazing california weather, which of course required getting a healthy does of vitamin D. unfortunately it also ended up with mud.

made (and shared) a cute fabric scrap garland during nap the other day. i {heart} it big time.

and these two.
he loves her.
he tells me everyday how much he loves her.
“look mom, we’re cuddling. take our picture.”

hey look! it’s friday, i’m home and i remembered your sweet valentine pressent!
here’s your third printable. {did you miss one and two?}
download the 8×10 here. and enjoy!!
we are looking forward to some rainy weather here. yes, i said “looking forward to.” i like rain. it means i can make comfort food. {yum!!} and that means soup and whatnot. 
i hope you enjoyed a great week, and have a wonderful weekend. any plans?

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