Frame this moment

i took this photo of my sweet plump baby today.

and a friend suggested i should frame it. which reminded me of my fav blogger julie and her friend shauna. they are both framing moments.
taking the normal, the beautiful, the everyday moments and framing them.

this one is mine.

oh my word she is precious to me. 
my 18 lb 6 month old. 
far too soon she won’t be sitting contently munching on doctor table paper, but rather complaining that she can be mobile and on the loose. 
i will remember this moment. and i will be framing this moment. 
{okay, and seriously. do yourselves a favor and check out those two amazing women. julie is by far one of my absolute favorites and i’m soooooo glad she back to blogging more. and shauna, i am just starting to read and i love it. plus she lives in hawaii. beautiful bonus! but really. go. read. grow.}

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