"Where does it belong" {basket}

there is not one day that goes by when my living room doesn’t look like the toy monster threw up in it. 
with three levels of toys (6 months+ baby toys, toddler toys, and big boy toys) it’s chaos.
the kids all have their own toys in their room and we have some communal stuff mixed in with the baby stuff, i.e.-little people, building blocks etc. however, things get brought out and shared, or shouted over but that’s a post for another day.
i try to make sure every day before nap and each evening we clean up and show responsibility with our things. i was finding though that carrying armfuls of toys was becoming tedious and difficult for my 4 year old. 
and then i took a trip to the dollar store. 
the great thing about a dollar store trip is that their carts are so small i can’t bring all the kids, which means….mommy date!! 
while at one of my trips i found an awesome basket and i lighting struck my brain! 
thus our “where does it belong?” basket.
each child takes a turn carrying the basket and filling it up with items that belong in their room.
they go thru the main area of the house and then the opposite sibling’s room too just to make sure.
 the basket is a great size, so lots and lots can fit, and with the two handles it’s easy to manage.
when done they take the basket in their room and put things back in their place.
that part is huge. usually things end up on the floor because he’s just dumping his armful. 
then once the basket is empty it’s the next child’s turn and when totally done we fill it with the baby’s toys and leave it on her mat. 
i am really please with how this has helped the routine of cleaning up. i’ve actually been thinking of using it for my things that end up in the wrong rooms. because let’s be honest, i’m just as much of a mess maker as my kids. 

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