tiffany’s magic camera

there is magic in my friend tiffany’s camera. or, she herself is magic. both can be true and are true actually. she joined our family on sunday, day three, of our trip. not only did we get to benefit from her fantastic company, a ride to town to do nasty laundry, and help with the kids when it started to get rainy, but she brought her camera. 
people. i die. 
these are so precious to me. she got it. she found the beautiful in our crazy. she gave me moments that are all too fast and gone in a blink, and they are mine to keep forever. but, being the giver that i am, i am sharing a few with you. 
these are my babies. my love. and my life. i love them more than words and my actions frequently make it seem other wise, but i do. thank you dear dear friend for blessing us with your gift. because it truly is the best gift anyone can give.  
be prepared to drool over the insanely cute chubby legs in this post. and thankfully we aren’t talking about mine. 

 sesriously. i get to bite those all the time. 
 stop it!! he is so stinkin handsome and so grown up. 

 every mothers nightmare. 

after just being us on the beach we did naps. they were needed for sure. 
then we took a walk to the state park area that is a natural active tar pit. it was amazing. and crazy beautiful.

 he is such a good daddy.


wasn’t i right?! aren’t they amazing? i only wish i didn’t look so tired, but it is what it is. 
thank you again tiff. you can find more of her work here or here.

2 thoughts on “tiffany’s magic camera

  1. 🙂 i guess kids are kinda cute….jk they are adorable. cant wait to see everybody!


  2. ADORABLE!!!! P.S. how do you look so put together!?!? forget about the fact that you have 3 kids….your camping!!! Lovely memories!!


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