WIWW {back again!}

i am back! woot-woot!
to say it’s been a while is a serious understatement. 
starting to feel better about the post baby body and put more effort into my wardrobe everyday, so i’m linking up with lindsey at the pleated poppy!
pleated poppy
 christmas day-
lace tank: kohls
cotton flannel: vans (hubby gave me that morning.)
jeans: gap skinny
boots: gabriella rocha
same tank from sunday
t-shirt: target
sweater: hurley (also from the hubby)
jeans: no clue
shoes: grey crocs (just like vans chucks, but better for my feet!!)
tank: kohls
outer tank: gap
sweater: target
jeans: gap sexyboot
shoes: grey crocs again
so there you have it. three whole days of outfits.
not bad for someone who tends to not get out of her pjs till after 11 a.m. 
looking forward to sharing more outfits together. maybe i’ll do a what-the-baby-wore-wednesday post one week. 🙂 
she is cute and has some seriously adorable outfits. infact…
christmas eve-
headband- mommy
shirt- mommy
sweater- pumpkin patch
jeans- kohls
see. isn’t she stinkin’ cute?!?! i sure think so. see you next wednesday!! 

1 thought on “WIWW {back again!}

  1. cute!! once i'm feeling better about my post baby bod…maybe I'll jump on the band wagon 🙂 I like the WbabyWW!!! Miss Sophie was lookin too cute the other day….me not so much LOL P.S. LOVE her Christmas shirt!!! your to cute and crafty!!!


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