i’m linking up with jeanett at life rearranged to share my week in pics.
i use the instagram app on my iphone.
oh. wait. didn’t i tell you?! 
i got and IPHONE!!! the hubster is a very sneaky daddy. i really didn’t think i’d get it.
so, i have been loving the instagram app. taking pictures of my fav things thru out the week. feel free to follow me. i’m akneisler.
sweet little girl enjoyed her first christmas.
her smiles and coos are all the time now. these are special papa smiles.
new tradition. 
the kids are asleep.
the paper is cleaned up.
it’s hamburger time.
even if i have to drive to the other side of the valley to the only burger place that is open.
could eat her! 
she is so happy. and i am so happy to have her!
dear starbucks…
thank you for providing yummy legal addictive stimulates. 
this mama needs them. 
baby in the bed.
superboy to the rescue!!
worlds. best. cookies.
amazing! simply amazing. 
ate way too many yesterday!
have a great weekend friends. happy new year!! 
life rearranged

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