Halloween Candy Shortbread Bars {a.k.a. yummy evilness}

i’ve been doing a lot of baking.
it would be even more if the weather would stop have menopausal hot flashes.
with the influx of candy entering our home from halloween i wanted to do something with it other than eat it all.
i had this recipe for halloween candy shortbread bars on my pinterest board, and was wanting to try it, so good excuse to get the candy into the hands of others and not in my belly.
i enlisted mister mischief in the baking endeavor and we had so much fun. 
we unwrapped lots and lots of candy and much to mister mischiefs dismay we didn’t eat any of it.
his job was to pour all the candy into the measuring bowl. 
ripping open the bags was a great fine motor skill activity, so i get a good mommy pass for the week.

here’s the final product.
i’ve never made shortbread before and i think it turned out well.
definitely messy, and i think i’ll add more chocolate chips to hold onto the candy next time.
they were delicious, and therefore i labeled them ‘yummy evil,’
rather than yummy goodness because you just want to keep eating them. 
i’m linking up with ‘keeping up with the johnsons’ and showing something i actually made that i found via pinterest.

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