if i had the time…

i have these pallets.
they are beautiful.
they are future crafts.
they drive the hubby crazy.

a typical convo regarding them goes like this:

him: i need fire wood, can i chop up your pallets?
me: NO! what are you crazy?!
him: why not? you aren’t using them.
me: no but, i have plans for them.
him: like you have plans for the door that’s been on the side yard for 4 years?
me: exactly. don’t touch them.

but i really do have plans.
i just don’t have time to execute said plans.

we recently re-arranged our bedroom and there is a p.e.r.f.e.c.t. wall space for some pallet art.
i want to do something like this….

sorry folks, the source for this one is all wacky.
or this…
or maybe a little something like this…
love this one too…
or i could just buy this one…
either way, i’m jonesing to do one. the time will come. and i feel it may be soon. 
now i just have to convince the hubby to let me use the power tools.
it would free up the space that the pallets have been taking up…doubt he’ll go for it, but a girl can always try. 

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